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Our aim is to help busy people learn authentic Mindfulness tools and techniques to manage day-to-day demanding life. You will learn strategies and tactics to live a better life with less stress.
An important part of our goal is to tackle resentment, anger, guilt, judgement, depression, sabotage, fear and guilt.
Becoming free of this negative mindset is an integral part of being mindful and happy.

Karuna Priya

Karuna Priya – Mindfulness retreat facilitator

Karuna is a former Buddhist monk and lived in the monastery most of his life for over 15 years. He is an expert on Mindfulness Meditation which he has been practising since the age of 8. He was sent to Sri Lanka to study the depth of Mindfulness practice and human psychology. He taught in the communities, and in schools. To deepen his personal practice, he then went to Thailand and later came to London in 2009 to complete his Masters degree in Indian Buddhism. The transition back to living a lay life in 2009 was an opportunity to teach the busy Londoners how to have peace of mind like what he carries. Karuna is the founder of Akanista Meditations, a Mindfulness and life coach and has helped hundreds of busy Londoners from stress to sustainable peace and contentment.
Since then he has facilitated numerous eight-week Mindfulness courses, workshops and both shorter and longer retreats for beginners and advanced levels. With over 18 years of living a Mindful life himself, his aim is to help individuals, groups, families and organizations to benefit from this evidence-based mindfulness practice so they can be calm and at their best selves at any time given.
He has been featured in local newspapers, regularly talks in universities and works as a Chaplain and Buddhist Faith-Advisor at Imperial College London and also as a mindfulness practitioner with corporations and individuals.

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Nitima Shrestha Priya

Nitima Shrestha Priya – Mindfulness retreat facilitator

Nitima is a trained integrative therapist in couselling, psychotherapy, hynotherapy, NLP from CCTS London and also a mindfulness practitioner over 10 years. She is the director of education at Akanista where she plans, creates and oversees the courses, workshops and retreats.
She has written and designed eight weeks Mindfulness courses, weekend workshops and residential retreats which she delivers in her own unique and energetic way to benefit her client to have better understanding of themselves so they can live a better life.
With an extensive practice of Mindfulness she is now facilitating Mindfulness classes in and around London to develop awareness of the here and now allowing her clients to live peacefully in the moment.

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Kastur Pindolia

Kastur Pindolia – Yoga teacher

Kastur Pindolia started practicing yoga in 2004. To deepen the knowledge of yoga asanas’ (poses) and pranayama (breathing techniques), Kastur decided to train as a hatha yoga teacher in 2014. She also completed a yin/yang with mindfulnessmeditation training with Sarah Powers to deepen her awareness of self-practice. Kastur teaches in a way that allows both teacher and yogi to work in relationship to the individual and as a whole.

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Louise Neicho

Louise Neicho – Yoga teacher

Louise Neicho having developed a passion for practicing yoga decided it was time to take it further and completed the RYT500 FHY teacher training program in 2013 and hasn’t looked back. Sharing the wide ranging benefits of yoga with her students has taken her own yoga journey to another level. Louise tries to ensure her classes are challenging but accessible to all and touch on the wider philosophies of yoga and meditation.

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