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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness means ‘paying kind attention to one’s present thoughts, feelings and impressions non-violently and non-judgmentally.” It is based on the 2600 years ancient Buddhist practice, recently researched by neuroscience and proven to be highly effective in reducing stress, pain and improving performance and emotional resilience.

What is the difference between Mindfulness and Meditation?

Mindfulness is the principle and meditation is the path. So you apply the principle of mindfulness on the path of meditation. For example, you have a mango seed, but you need the field with soil, water, sunshine.

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is recommended to everybody who wants to improve their health, relationships and career path. Suitable for both beginners and advanced levels, as we provide tailor-made sessions where everyone has a chance to explore their practice with one of us.

If I suffer/suffered from mental health issues and depend on medications, can I attend this retreat?

It depends. If you are mildly depressed, anxious and can control you can join. However, if you have extreme depression and anxiety and do not have your doctor’s permission to go or be on your own, then this retreat may not be for you. In any case, we will need to have a pre-session with you. It is to check whether we can definitely help you. If you had mental health issues previously, but you improved and feel you are self-aware and will not put yourself or others in danger, then we will welcome you. But please inform us in the first place of your medical history. So that we can help you get the benefit from this retreat.

Will this retreat work for me?

It depends on what you are looking for and how ready you are. If you think that you can sit on your own for at least half an hour, then maybe it is not for you. Although many people surprised themselves that they can sit for half an hour with themselves. Often the monkey-like mind is the very thing we need to address and work on for our better health and well-being. If you are someone who wants to definitely improve one’s health, relationships and career path, then this retreat is for you. We will help you overcome the challenges and instill new wisdom and inspirations so you can move forward in your life.

Is this going to be silent and strict retreat?

No. We designed in such a way even a beginner can join this retreat and able to feel comfortable in a group. We will have shorter meditations, talks, group sharing, going out and exploring the lake, swimming in the pool and beaches, horse-riding, cycling, star gazing, sunrise and sunset meditations, barbeques, campfire, and many more fun activities.

Mindfulness by the sea

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